ICI Day 50 – Gelato Week Intro and Coloring Party

What a start to gelato week. First we had an introduction to gelato with a discussion on ingredients and technique.

Then we visited two gelato shops. Tasting, comparing flavor and texture, making notes. Then back home for lunch and a free afternoon.

It was a rainy afternoon, so a bunch of us decided to have a coloring party. It’s a little funny that so many of us had taken up coloring and either brought our books and pencils with us or got supplies soon after we arrived. We even got a couple of the guys in on the fun. But I think it was mostly the OBan scotch that drew them in. And the laughter and merriment and music… maybe.

We colored and sipped scotch and red wine and listened to wonderful music and danced the afternoon away. It was pure bliss.

Here’s what I colored…




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