ICI Day 49 – Free Day

Today we a free day and the weather this morning was finally sunny and warm.

Katherine, Leo, and I set out after breakfast for a walk into the nearest town, Montepaone. It’s about a 30 minute walk along the beach – such a lovely view of the sea and abundant sunshine this morning.

When we got into town, we first stopped for gelato and coffee. Then we made our way to the grocery store and a family run produce store across the street. Still craving soup, I found lovely fresh peas and green beans to make minestrone later in the day.

Then we stopped a a local bar and had a beer and some ships before walking back to the hotel to be there in time for lunch. The only drawback to our lovely walk was the power walk back up the hill to the hotel.  I really need to go up and down that hill more ofter! Chef Andreas had a wonderful lunch prepared for us and I was ravenous after the almost 6 miles of walking we just logged.

Caught up on some personal stuff after lunch and then got back to the kitchen to get my potato leek soup ready to serve for dinner and start my minestrone. It feels really good to be back in the kitchen and doing one of the the things that i love the most.

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