ICI Day 48 – Market and Afternoon Off

The night before we had a strong storm move through with high winds, heavy rain and hail. The next morning started out with a bit of sun, but a blustery wind.

We had our weekly trip this morning to Severato and I spent the morning with Linda. Braving the cold wind, we visited the restaurant supply store, then went to the post office so I could mail some things out.

We then went to the bookstore to get her a coloring book and then to the office supply to get colored pencils. We also stopped at the oriental store (much like the old five and dime stores in the US) where we found candles, cards, and pencil sharpeners.

Then we walked through the outdoor market – I was searching for leeks. For the last couple of days, the weather had me craving potato leek soup. No one in the market had leeks! Thankfully we stopped at a supermarket on the way home and I found them.

So sometime this weekend, we will all eat potato leek soup together and it will be warming and comforting.

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