ICIDay 47 – Taste Test Challenge

Today we had a new challenge – taste and smell a dish blindfolded then write down the ingredients we believed were in the dish.  We had one minute to taste and 5 minutes to write down everything we thought we tasted.

The challenge? Recreate the dish using only the ingredients we wrote down after tasting. Six of us participated and two were eliminated because they would not come close to recreating the dish with their list of ingredients. The other four of us were sent out of the kitchen while the chefs prepared our boxes of ingredients.

Once we came back into the kitchen, we had 30 minutes to prepare our dish.

My friend Amanda and I were the top two dishes and she won this one. Way to go Amanda!

The dish was potatoes and carrots cut brunoise, then cooked like risotto with butter and seasoned with mint. Then a layer of flaked tuna, topped with a layer of sweet and sour cabbage.

All I remembered about  my taste was creamy potatoes, tuna, and cabbage. I did not pick up on the texture of the potatoes and carrots – it all tasted creamy together with the tuna. And I missed the sweet component all together. So my dish had creamed potatoes and mostly sour cabbage, but it still tasted pretty good. Amanda got the potato and carrot texture and the sweet, so she added mayonnaise to her dish. Overall, hers was the closest and clearly the winning dish. I was happy to place second in this challenge. Now I see that I need to work on my tasting skills.


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