ICI Day 43 – Creative Cuisine Continued

Another day of amazing dishes and a lot of tasting. Chef John made delicious food an Chef Kevo made beautifully plated dishes.  The image above is a stuffed pasta packet called saccottino (which means a sack or bag), tied with a parsley stem and garnished with burrata, tomato-olive-balsamic salad, caper fruit, fresh basil and some of the chlorophyll we extracted from the spinach yesterday. Such a stunning dish.

Today we tasted the tripe started yesterday. Not really all that tasty to me, but others in the class loved it. I think it’s the texture I didn’t enjoy very much.

Then we tasted the Calamari rings we started yesterday with Black Tagliolini pasta. This was yummy.

Next on the tasting menu was Coniglo al Pepperoni G’alli (Stewed Rabbit with Roasted Yellow Pepper Sauce). With this dish we finally used up the rest of the rabbit we got during pig week. Chef had seared the rabbit pieces and stored them in the freezer.  Chef Kevo arranged this beautiful plating for the photo.

Chef Kevo then demonstrated a dish of Tartare di Mare (raw sea bass tartare). Served with pickled vegetables and crispy sea bass skin. Beautiful and delicious.

Next Chef Kevo plated an Oxtail Cannelloni. But this was not a pasta cannelloni – he used blanched and thinly sliced celeriac for the cannelloni and filled it with a stuffing made from shredded oxtail that Amanda cooked yesterday. After rolling the oxtail stuffing in the celeriac shell, Chef Kevo finished the plate with grilled spring onions, a puree of celeriac, roasted potatoes and carrots, and a demi sauce reduced from the oxtail cooking jus. Chef Kevo’s creativity never ceases to amaze us.

Apparently we had not eaten enough yet for the day, so the next item for demo and tasting was Risotto d’ Orzo con Coda di Bue Barollo. Or barley (with and orzo shape) cooked like risotto except using a very fine and primo Barollo red wine. The risotto was topped with the braised oxtails started yesterday, fresh green peas, then finished with a smooth velouté made from the reduced cooking stock and wine, and a drizzle of onion balsamic. I really didn’t have much more room for food until I tasted it – and well, you know the rest. Chef also poured us all a tasting of the Barollo to go with our risotto. This is one of those wines that are silky and smooth and just the right body, fruitiness, and tanin – yes, more please.

Next up for demonstration and tasting was the Baccala Monte Cato that Chef John prepared yesterday (and needed to refrigerate overnight). We tasted it just on a crostini and it was delicious. Chef Kevo prepared a pretty plate for the photo.

The next dish we tasted was Tallegio (cheese) Fonduta. The fonduta was poured over a polenta cube with an egg yolk in it, served over pureed black truffles in olive oil, sautéed porcini mushrooms and topped with crispy fired leeks. Yummy.

Chef John wanted us to taste the onions that had been cooking to make a new batch of onion balsamic. But they are a bit strong to taste alone. And so since we still had not had enough to eat this day, chef sliced and pan grilled the beautiful tenderloin we got the other day so we could try the onion together with the beef. Sorry, no pic for this dish, but it was divine.

Here are some more pics from the day.



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