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Promenades Gourmandes – Paris Cooking Class – The Cheese Souffle


Twice Baked Cheese Souffle

Now that the introductions were done, we all got down to the business of preparing our afternoon meal.

This was our menu:

Cheese plate with a lovely bottle of Valdé Loire Souvingnon Tauraine

Petits Souffles de Christophie

Veal Paupiettes aux Herbes filled with spinach and mushroom

Saute of potato and celeriac

White Asparagus

Tarte aux Pommes Nougatine

Red wine (again from Valdé Loire, but I forgot to snap a picture of it – it was delicious though) and baguette

First up – the souffles. These were not the traditional French souffle that rises and puffs in a hot oven. This one is baked twice and had a more dense and creamy texture. I’ve been experimenting with the traditional French souffle so look for a post soon – but first I have to work on my technique a bit. Instead of rising uniformly, the first one looked like an upside down mushroom. It’s a shame that I’ll have to eat so many practice specimens. But I digress. The souffles we made can be made a day ahead and popped back in the oven at serving time. They were very delicious and a good way to make a first course for a dinner party. The primary difference between these and a traditional souffle was in the cooking method. For a traditional souffle, the dish is cooked dry in a hot oven so that it puffs and rises. The souffles we made were cooked in a hot water bath similar to the method for custards or flan. This is what gave the souffles their dense and creamy texture. Everything else was pretty much the same.

First smear softened butter to coat the souffle molds. Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Make a béchamel sauce and incorporate the egg yolks and cheese. Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold into the béchamel/egg/cheese mixture, then bake. Once they are baked, remove from the oven to cool and then un-mold. Place the un-molded souffles  in a baking dish, pour over a very light cream sauce and place them back in the oven to warm and rise a little. Serve with chopped chives, parsley or other fresh herb you have on hand. Bon Appétit.


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